Sunday, April 20, 2008

Miniature Storage

One of the problems of painting miniatures is the storage and transport of them. Sure, there are lots of different cases out there that you can buy, but why should I purchase them when I have a full woodworking shop. So I've come up with my own design.

I wanted it to be durable, a design that fit the theme of many of genre that I collect, and customizable for each theme. What I came up with is a ammo-box style box. I built it to hold the Sabol foam trays since these are easy to find at local game stores and come in a wide variety of thickness so I can use them for single figures up to armored vehicles. The design includes rope handles and simple metal hardware to complete the look.

Yes, the design is heavier (a little over 10 pounds) than a plastic case, but it certainly looks more distinctive when I show up at a game. I don't use them to transport a 3000 point army, just what I need for small battles.

Since I play .45 Adventures (a pulp setting), Battleground WWII, and 40K I needed designs to make each case unique. So I designed different stencils for each. The rocket corps and the top secret stencils are for the lids of my pulp figures. The Top Secret is from the crate of the Lost Ark from the end of Raiders. The German eagle and US star are for my WWII figures. The chaos and double headed eagle are for 40K figures.
I've had a lot of fun with them. Now I need a different look for my D&D figures.


Sherigon said...

Great crates. I've wated to do this myself but needed some inspiration as well as plans. LOVE the stencils. Where did you find the design for your WWII stuff. I'd love to do a German and American but can't find anything large enough to make a good stencil. Great Job I'd buy them if you sold them.

Chief cook & bottle washer said...

Actually I do sell them. I make them and sell them at area gaming stores (they sell them for $35 - $50), occassionally sell them on eBay and also take special orders. I sell them direct for $19.99.The difficulty is the shipping cost. Let me know if interested.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I absolutely love your work on the boxes. It would be great if I could purchase one but sadly don't know how to get in contact with you :(.