Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Build a Game Room

One of the nice benefits of living on a hill, besides the view, is that when we added the addition to our house it was necessary to build a basement under it. True, we could have just put in a slab, but it actually would have cost more because of the fill needed to support the foundation. So after I had completed building the North Wing as we call it I had a lovely 30' X 14' basement. We did what any game playing family would do - we turned it into a game room.

For the first few years it worked very well for us. I had drywalled it, given it good lighting, put down some old rugs, and had lots of unfinished shelves to hold our game collection. But it was still just a glorified basement. So this past year I decided to redo it. Since it was going to be for game playing I decided to let the games pay for it. I began by selling off my Warhammer 40K army. Not only did that give me plenty of cash to remodel the room but let me buy more games and have a great time at Origins.

I started by putting in a ceiling and painting the floor. The color scheme for the room is black and deep red with lots of white to keep things bright. Next I put in more shelves and finished all of them in black - to show off the games and models better. I built a game table to replace the old, flimsy one. Put down carpet. Built a small partition in one corner to hid the dehumidifier (a must in NE Ohio - especially if you want to keep games in good condition). Constructed a paint/modeling station and a bar. There are definite advantages to having had a wood working business and owning a woodshop.

Finally I was able to put everything back and decorate. I framed some of my favorite posters as well as purchased new ones. Put up a dry erase board. Filled the shelves. And have been enjoying ever since.

The first photo shows the room from the entry. Starting on the left you can see the wall with the dry erase board and then the shelves for RPG's, paper models, war games and my collection of Knights of the Dinner Table, Dragon, Dungeon and White Dwarf magazines. The far wall is for miniatures; the center section under the window are glass shelves to display my best minis. The right far shelves are double deep to hold terrain boards. The stacking containers are for the Heroscape collection. Then comes more wall space, the family game shelves and finally the paint station.
The second picture is looking towards the door. You can see the family and eurogames shelves, the door and then the bar. The table is actually two separate 4' X 4' tables. I usually leave it at as one table for Dungeons & Dragons and miniatures, but when we have a large game night it is easy to pull apart to have two game tables.
All in all it has been a lot of fun and a good investment of my time and money.
I've add more photos.


Anonymous said...

That is very nice!

David The Archmage said...

I'd love some more info on your gaming tables...

And really nice looking room!

Chief cook & bottle washer said...

Thanks for the feed back. Let me see if I can find the plans for the tables. I work on posting info about them after I finish the series on the Wiz War board.

Iván said...

Nice place! lots of good gaming times there I guess..
I´m impressed by your wiz-war 3d board. Looks like a fun game and I´m thinking of making my own scratch-game.