Sunday, May 25, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 10 - Wizards

Well, you can't play Wiz War with out some wizards. I chose to use Mega Miniatures for two reasons. The first was that I wanted an older look to the figures. Many of the Mega minis are from older molds - 80's and 90's. There is a certain look that I thought matched the game better. The second reason was that at $1.00 a figure you can't beat the price.

The chests are plaster castings from the Cavern Floor Accessory mold (#282) by Hirst Arts. Its the same mold that I used to make the doors from.

I painted the figures in basic color schemes of red, blue, yellow and green as you would have in most board games. The bases are done in green stuff and textured to match the floor squares.

I painted two female figures to give female gamers a choice of minis. I really didn't need to do that, but being a father of a teenage female gamer I thought it was only fair. I let her pick the minis.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 9 - Enchantments

There are a number of enchantments in Wiz War. The ones that I choose to model are either those that seem to get used more often, tend to last longer in play, or were easy to model.

The Ghost Form, Vampire Form and Werewolf Form are all D&D miniatures. No sense in spending time and money (I already had these) on figures that may or may not be used. And they don't look bad.

The Glue marker I used the same method that Hirst Arts did. I placed it on clear acrylic.

The Flame On marker is made of Sculpey clay. It is designed so that a wizard figure fits in it.

The Animate Object is also made of Sculpey clay. As I said before, I've never sculpted before this project so its a little crude. I glued a square of clear acrylic to the top so that I can place different items on top to make them look animated.

Monday, May 19, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 8 - Items

The items were an easy group to make. The Wizard Blade, Dagger and Crossbow are all Reaper miniatures from their weapon collection. The large rock is just a pebble from my driveway painted and based. The Master Key is made of green stuff. For the Handful of Tacks I painted the ends of toothpicks and glued them to a clear acrylic base. The Teleportation Beacon is a tower made of green stuff. I made the top a separate piece. Both the tower and the top have micro magnets in them so that I can have the beacon be either on or off by removing the red ball.
On a more detailed note. Many of the miniatures I used are mounted on bases that have a lot of base showing; the weapons for instance. To make them match the board better I made an impression of the floor tiles with Sculpey clay. After baking the clay I used these impressions to press the green stuff covered bases into a replica of the floor tiles. So I now have bases that match the floor. Since I use so many bases for my miniatures I purchase them by the pint container from Gale Force 9. Their Econo Bases are great!

Friday, May 16, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 7 - Objects

There are a number of cards that create objects in Wiz War. In fact an object is a broad term in the game. But today I stick with the items I made for the cards that specifically say "create object": safe, slime, stone, pit, rosebush and thorn bush.

The Fill Square with Stone was one of the easiest items to construct. I simply shaped a rough cube of blue Styrofoam to fill a game square, coated it with white glue, covered it with sand, and then painted it black with a dry brush of gray.

The Fill Square with Slime took a little more work. I first made a clay version of it. Then a mold of the clay. Then filled the mold with clear resin tinted with green ink. This is my first attempt at casting and mold making. Not bad, but it has a lot of air bubbles.

The Safe is a box of plastic card covered with green stuff and painted silver with a black wash. The bottom is open so it can cover items like treasure chests.

The Pit is just a square of floor tiles around a card stock base painted black. The Thorn bush and Rosebush are model railroading lichen soaked in a white glue and water mixture to make them stiff and mounted on a clear acrylic base. The rosebush has painted spots to indicate roses.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 6 - Walls

The walls and such were easy. The door for Create Door is just an extra door, and the small section of wall for Create Wall is simply a free-standing wall section.

For the Wall of Fog and Wall of Fire I used the images from Hirst Arts' download of Wiz War markers. I made bases for them by taking short floor tiles and gluing them to a card stock base with a gap in the middle to glue the wall section in.

The Wall of Glass is a piece of clear acrylic.

The Illusionary Wall to a bit more work. I first photographed a small wall section. Then processed it through Digital Imaging to fade it out. Finally, I printed the image on card stock to make an illusionary looking wall that matches my walls.

The Dust Cloud is an opened box made of frosted clear acrylic. It fits over a square and allows my to place figures on the square and be surrounded by a dust cloud.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 5 - Monsters

When I started this project I knew there would be a lot of miniatures to make from scratch and paint. So the first thing I did when I started looking at the summon monster spells was to see if I had any pre-painted minis in my D&D collection that I could use in order to save time. The Ghoul, Big Black Bat, and the Fire Imp are D&D minis while the Skeleton and Troll are Reaper pre-painted miniatures.

The Democratic Monster is a D&D miniature repainted in appropriate patriotic colors. I chose the Warbond Impaler because it seemed to fit the description of a "horribly ugly monster" with lots of claws without being an easily identifiable figure.

I used Mega Miniatures when I could. Not only are they a great price, but they often have that old school flavor of miniatures that seems to fit the game. So the Wraith, Familiar, and The Buck are from the Mega mini line. The Buck should be larger, but it is hard to find a deer figure. I painted the cat to match my cat rather than making it black as per its card description..

The Alter Ego is another Mega Mini. I choose a suitably generic looking wizard and painted it in a black & white color scheme. Of course I should have used copies of each of the player wizard so everyone would have an Alter Ego to use, but this project was big enough already.

The Sub-Wizard is a familiar from a Reaper Familiar pack. I thought it looked cute. The shadow is a cardstock silhouette of a wizard I created in a graphics program. The Killer Ooze is made of silicone caulk on a clear plastic base with a Games Workshop zombie figure. I got the idea from Hirst Arts.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 4 - Sticks

The sticks in Wiz War are magic wands. I could have simply used plain plastic rods on a base with a label to keep them separate on the board, but like the stones I wanted something more dramatic.

They are all based on 1" bases with 1/16" plastic rods to keep them uniform. I used green stuff to mold the features.

The Firefly Stick shows a stick wreathed in flames. I made six fireflies that the stick can cast, out of green stuff with acetate wings.

The Sticky Stick is of course a web with a plastic fly attached. The Warp Stick was made by putting the rod in a mass of green stuff and twirling. I then painted it to look like a black hole effect. I modeled the Shift Stick on a car's gear shift. The Blaster Stick uses the wand as a fuse for a cluster of dynamite.

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