Thursday, May 8, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 5 - Monsters

When I started this project I knew there would be a lot of miniatures to make from scratch and paint. So the first thing I did when I started looking at the summon monster spells was to see if I had any pre-painted minis in my D&D collection that I could use in order to save time. The Ghoul, Big Black Bat, and the Fire Imp are D&D minis while the Skeleton and Troll are Reaper pre-painted miniatures.

The Democratic Monster is a D&D miniature repainted in appropriate patriotic colors. I chose the Warbond Impaler because it seemed to fit the description of a "horribly ugly monster" with lots of claws without being an easily identifiable figure.

I used Mega Miniatures when I could. Not only are they a great price, but they often have that old school flavor of miniatures that seems to fit the game. So the Wraith, Familiar, and The Buck are from the Mega mini line. The Buck should be larger, but it is hard to find a deer figure. I painted the cat to match my cat rather than making it black as per its card description..

The Alter Ego is another Mega Mini. I choose a suitably generic looking wizard and painted it in a black & white color scheme. Of course I should have used copies of each of the player wizard so everyone would have an Alter Ego to use, but this project was big enough already.

The Sub-Wizard is a familiar from a Reaper Familiar pack. I thought it looked cute. The shadow is a cardstock silhouette of a wizard I created in a graphics program. The Killer Ooze is made of silicone caulk on a clear plastic base with a Games Workshop zombie figure. I got the idea from Hirst Arts.

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