Sunday, May 11, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 6 - Walls

The walls and such were easy. The door for Create Door is just an extra door, and the small section of wall for Create Wall is simply a free-standing wall section.

For the Wall of Fog and Wall of Fire I used the images from Hirst Arts' download of Wiz War markers. I made bases for them by taking short floor tiles and gluing them to a card stock base with a gap in the middle to glue the wall section in.

The Wall of Glass is a piece of clear acrylic.

The Illusionary Wall to a bit more work. I first photographed a small wall section. Then processed it through Digital Imaging to fade it out. Finally, I printed the image on card stock to make an illusionary looking wall that matches my walls.

The Dust Cloud is an opened box made of frosted clear acrylic. It fits over a square and allows my to place figures on the square and be surrounded by a dust cloud.

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