Friday, May 16, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 7 - Objects

There are a number of cards that create objects in Wiz War. In fact an object is a broad term in the game. But today I stick with the items I made for the cards that specifically say "create object": safe, slime, stone, pit, rosebush and thorn bush.

The Fill Square with Stone was one of the easiest items to construct. I simply shaped a rough cube of blue Styrofoam to fill a game square, coated it with white glue, covered it with sand, and then painted it black with a dry brush of gray.

The Fill Square with Slime took a little more work. I first made a clay version of it. Then a mold of the clay. Then filled the mold with clear resin tinted with green ink. This is my first attempt at casting and mold making. Not bad, but it has a lot of air bubbles.

The Safe is a box of plastic card covered with green stuff and painted silver with a black wash. The bottom is open so it can cover items like treasure chests.

The Pit is just a square of floor tiles around a card stock base painted black. The Thorn bush and Rosebush are model railroading lichen soaked in a white glue and water mixture to make them stiff and mounted on a clear acrylic base. The rosebush has painted spots to indicate roses.

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