Monday, May 19, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 8 - Items

The items were an easy group to make. The Wizard Blade, Dagger and Crossbow are all Reaper miniatures from their weapon collection. The large rock is just a pebble from my driveway painted and based. The Master Key is made of green stuff. For the Handful of Tacks I painted the ends of toothpicks and glued them to a clear acrylic base. The Teleportation Beacon is a tower made of green stuff. I made the top a separate piece. Both the tower and the top have micro magnets in them so that I can have the beacon be either on or off by removing the red ball.
On a more detailed note. Many of the miniatures I used are mounted on bases that have a lot of base showing; the weapons for instance. To make them match the board better I made an impression of the floor tiles with Sculpey clay. After baking the clay I used these impressions to press the green stuff covered bases into a replica of the floor tiles. So I now have bases that match the floor. Since I use so many bases for my miniatures I purchase them by the pint container from Gale Force 9. Their Econo Bases are great!

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