Thursday, May 22, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 9 - Enchantments

There are a number of enchantments in Wiz War. The ones that I choose to model are either those that seem to get used more often, tend to last longer in play, or were easy to model.

The Ghost Form, Vampire Form and Werewolf Form are all D&D miniatures. No sense in spending time and money (I already had these) on figures that may or may not be used. And they don't look bad.

The Glue marker I used the same method that Hirst Arts did. I placed it on clear acrylic.

The Flame On marker is made of Sculpey clay. It is designed so that a wizard figure fits in it.

The Animate Object is also made of Sculpey clay. As I said before, I've never sculpted before this project so its a little crude. I glued a square of clear acrylic to the top so that I can place different items on top to make them look animated.

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