Thursday, June 12, 2008

3D Wiz War: Part 11 - Markers & Extras

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. It has been a busy couple of weeks. Weddings and graduations to attend. Gardening and projects around the house. And most importantly, I have been concentrating on finishing my seminar for Origins: Homeschooling With Games. Which will be presented on Saturday, June 28.

Excuses aside, here is the final installment on my Wiz War series. This one deals with all the little details that finish it, mostly board markers and accessories.

The markers include warps, destroyed walls and lock indicators. The warps are for the exits. I used flat glass nuggets with the letters glued to the underside. Remove lock, jam lock, permawarps and bobby traps are stickers on extra mini bases. The bobby traps have whether its a fack or a bomb on the back. The destroyed markers are custom made acrylic from Litko. Since the wall sections on the game boards cannot be removed to show damage, I place the markers on the wall to indicate they are destroyed. I use glass nuggets of different colors for wizard life counters, monster life counters, and duration/turn counters.

I use alternate cards from I like the colors better than my original set and the fact that they are printed vertically rather than horizontally. I place them in card sleeves. I built a card tower to hold them for transport and storage. It then opens up into two parts for a draw and discard pile. I also made five card holders for the table - one for each wizard and one for Book of Infinite Spells artifact. They also serve as color indicators so you can remember which wizard your opponents are.

Since I built this game with the idea that I would be taking it to conventions, I knew that I would probably be playing it with new players who don't know the rules. So I made play mats with the important rules and terms on them. I customized each one with a picture of the actual wizard mini. They also have places to put the items that you may be holding. I laminated them to make them durable.

I made a binder with all the rules and rule commentaries that I could find. Very helpful with a game as chaotic as Wiz War.

Finally I made a storage/transport case. I made it out of MDF, which makes for a heavy unit, but durable and easy to finish. The bottom section has four slots to hold the board sections. They are lined with 1" foam rubber to protect the boards. The top compartment hold the figures in Sabol foam trays, with room for everything else. I painted it with black latex and then decorated it with sponge prints to look like a tower. I think the results are pretty good.

So that is it. I had a lot of fun with this project and I am very happy with how the whole thing turned out. It probably isn't all the way finished - I might add two more board sections to make it a six player game, and there are more cards out there from the gaming community that I would like to add. Which means more stones, sticks, monsters, and effect to visualize. I keep you posted.

I hope to see some of you at Origins this year. There are still a few slots open for the Friday event (#3701) at 10AM.


Juan Aguilar said...

awesome work, man. very impressive.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking to make a 3D Wiz War setup myself, but I was wondering about how you got the new card set. Where did you go to have them printed, or do you know of where I can go to get a professional printed card set?

Chief cook & bottle washer said...

I used the alternate card set found at ( I printed them myself and placed them in card sleeves. It works fine.

Geoff said...

Chief, your set looks awesome. I hope the game went well.

My son and I played our first game at a local con in November, and for the holidays, we got a set of molds from Hirst Arts. If we get the set finished in time, we'd like to take it a another local con in April.

We don't have a lot of play experience, though. Would you be willing to share the rules clarifications that you found most helpful (from the binder). What about your "character sheet" rule summary?

Again, thanks for sharing your process. I've got mine posted on my blog:

Joe said...

This looks awesome!! I've just recently come across Wiz-War and have instantly become a fan and now too in the process of making my own 3D version using Hirst Molds, but I'm currently torn between your design and Bruce Hirst's design and I have a few questions (being that I've only played a few times).

In your design, I like how you use 4 1" tiles to represent one space, but I also like the "walls" from mold #88. For game pieces, I plan on using/making miniatures to represent Wizards, stones, etc., so my question is, during game play, how often do you see yourself using all four squares to hold minis/items? With your design, if the spaces are used, than I'm not going to be able to use the "walls" from mold #88 and will have to make custom ones like you did... but if Bruce's 1.5" design is good enough, I can then follow his instructions. I'm just overall wondering if a 2" square space better than a 1.5" square space (and worth the extra work).

Second, I also like the "playmat" idea and was wondering if you have that available for download... I've searched online and have come across a few card designs, but you are the only one that has a playmat.

Thanks in advance,