Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crimson Eagles Zeppelin: Damage

Now that Origins is finished for the year I have time to post some items that I've been putting off. Several months ago when I talked about my Crimson Eagles zeppelin I mentioned that it wasn't finished. What was left to complete was the damage markers. I mean, what is the fun of having a zeppelin in a game if you can't shoot it up? Sure, you can record the damage on it's record sheet and tell everyone what has happened to it, but isn't it much more exciting visually if you can actually see the holes and explosions?
The way I handled damage was through the use of Papersteel. I cut out pieces of it and glued it to the zeppelin before painting it. All the parts of the zeppelin (gun turrets, control car, fins), have small NdFeB magnets attached. This lets me change the parts out as damaged is taken. The engines have magnets inside them and stick to the metal rods which jut out from the sides of the zeppelin. To show engine smoke and fires I use alligator clips with steel wool attached to the rods, similar to the markers used on the airplanes.
The only type of damage I can't indicate is to the gas cells. I tried to use an overlay on the zep, but it just didn't look right because it never really lined up nicely - it just looks like something was layed on it. Plus many of the attachments get in the way.
I also added some other 3D markers. The flack markers are just styrofoam balls wrapped in steel wool on stands. And the parachutes where made with ping pong balls cut in half, a clear acrylic rod, some black thread, and a N-scale person.
Over all the damage effects look good and add a nice touch to the game.

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Kirok of LStok said...

Very creative! Touches of realism like this make the gaming more immersive, expanding on the enjoyment of the game.