Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AmmoCounters & Das Spiel Unker

So what have I been doing lately? Everything but posting on this blog. A lot of time has been spent getting my games ready for Origins. I could have played them months ago, but it's the little things that make the games so much better, but also take all the time.

For instance - the minis for the Star Fleet Battle Manual tournament needed new decals; some of the planes for Crimson Eagles need repairs; a decides to use a few different minis for the .45 Adventure so those needed painted; and I haven't even started updating the seminar on Learning With Games.

The biggest use of my time has been spent getting my company, Das Spiel Unker, up and running. That has entailed a new website, advertising, and of course designing, making, and stockpiling the products: AmmoCounters. I have been making these for years for my gaming group (helps to be a woodworker with a full shop), and have often thought about offering these for sale. So now I am.

These are used for keeping track of ammuntion in RPG's and miniature games that use fire arms. They are much more fun than simply marking off boxes on your character sheets. My group uses them for Savage Worlds (pulp and Rippers), .45 Adventures, and d20 Modern. They work well for Westerns, pulp, steampunk, and war games.
I make AmmoCounters for clips, shotguns, revolvers, the LaMatt, and my favorite - the Tommy Gun. They are all made of hardwood so they will last for years.

I think you will like them, so please check them out. At

The site also has my Crimson Eagles rules and my energy/damage allocation boards for Star Fleet Battle Manual on the Game Files page.


Gunbird said...

Dear sir, do you still make these? Where can I buy them?

Chief cook & bottle washer said...

Yes, I still make and sell these. Usually only at conventions. If you are interested in purchasing them email me at and I will send you a price list.