Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gun Deck

A few months ago, while reading my current issue of Knights of the Dinner Table a came across an accessory for Aces & Eights - a deck of cards with various guns and there game stats. Now I'm not an Aces & Eights player, but I am a Savage Worlds: Deadlands one. So I thought that a Gun Deck for Savage Worlds would be pretty useful. Just like the one for Ace & Eights it could be used to generate random weapons at the general store, for NPC's, and handle the statistics for when a player takes a gun from someone else and doesn't have time to look up the stats (my players keep their record sheets up-to-date so they would never need to use these for regular play - yeah, right.)

Plus, over the years I've developed a formula that allows me to generate the game stats for most guns that my players might wish to use. It produces results that are pretty close to those found in Savage Worlds; not 100%, but close enough that it works.

The files for the cards, tuck box, instructions, and formulas can be found here, & here.