Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deluxe GM Screen

Over the years I have had many GM screens. I still have my hardboard 1st edition D & D screen, plus many of the variations that have been released over the years. Plus ones for Star Wars, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Eberon, and many other RPG's. Several years ago I purchased a vinyl one, much like a three-ring binder, that I could customize for my games. That was my favorite since I could pick my artwork and make the tables I wanted.

As a woodworker I knew I could make something better than a generic plastic screen. I've had the basic design for a number of years, but as many of my projects it just sat as a design. I knew what I wanted in a screen: changeable panels, storage space, a low profile, and a nice look. The problem I was having with the design was with the storage space since I was envisioning doors. Last fall I saw an episode on Gnome Stew by Patrick Benson that was the answer to the problem - sliding panels!

So here it is: red oak frame for a nice look; leather straps which let me transport it easily; sliding panels for storage space to carry all those gaming necessities like minis, templates, dice, bennies, action decks; and one of my favorite parts - metal panels. By using sheet metal panels I can easily change the look an information of each panel to fit the game. I print the panels on magnetic sheeting made for running through my printer. I have art and information for Deadlands, Rippers, fantasy and pulp for my Savage Worlds games.
I think it turned out well.
My daughter, Maggie Reitz-Wells input was especially helpful. Her help at Origins, weekly game night, and bouncing ideas off of has always been great. As was she in this project.


Anonymous said...

Why not sell these on your website?

William said...

I would buy one of these in a heartbeat. You, sir, are very gifted.

Nirkhuz said...

Man, this is completely awesome. You are an artist.

Unknown said...

Beautiful piece of equipment; well done, sir.