Friday, March 23, 2012

Colonial Battlefleet - Oversized Ships:Part 2

After the formulas for the ship designs had been decoded it was time to start actually start making the ships. Since I only wanted to make larger ships than were possible in the game system and not actually change the rules (yes, I know making really large ships does change the rules, but I mean "really" change the rules), I stayed with a few key points.

First I would limit armor to a factor of 10. The weapons in the game are not designed to work against armor higher than that so going above 10 would make for unbeatable ships. Second, the number of hard points would remain limited to six. This is a key game design and would really harm play. Of course the number of weapons possible at a hard point would still increase as the ship size increases.

So here are my first two designs for over sized ships: the Kronos Titanstar, and the Pandemonium Super Heavy Battlestar.

Kronos: Role = Defender, Size = 7, Mass = 1769, Hull = 146, Delta = 1, FC = 3, P Def = 5, Armor = 10, Sec Frc = 14, Flak Batteries = 7, HP1: Heavy Railguns (6) F/P/S, HP2: Bombardment Missiles (6) Ammo=12, HP3: Railgun (4) F/P/A, HP4: Leopard MK3 (7), HP5: Railgun (4) F/S/A, HP6: Leopard MK3 (7)

Pandemonium: Role = Battlecarrier, Size = 6, Mass = 1277, Hull = 113, Delta = 1, FC = 4, P Def = 3, Sec Frc = 12, Flak Batteries = 6, HP1: Railgun (6) F, HP2: Mag Cannon (4) S, HP3: Mag Cannon (4) P, HP4: Leopard MK3 (6), HP5: Leopard MK3 (6), HP6: Tiger Gunship (6)

Thanks to Hanger 18 for making such fun minis.

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