Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colonial Battlefleet Ship Data Cards

I am a big fan of starship combat games; since first playing Star Fleet Battle Manual since its first edition over 30 years ago. Star Fleet Battles, Star Trek Combat Simulator, Full Thrust, Renegade Legion: Interceptor & Leviathan; plus more other ones than I can count or remember.

Lately I have really been enjoying Colonial Battlefleet and Colonial Battlefleet: Man Versus Machine by Steel Dreadnought Games. It isn't perfect (no game is), but it is an excellent set of generic rules for small to medium space fleet battles - especially in the Battlestar Galactica universe.

As can be seen in some of my past posts I have been enjoying adding accessories to the game. One of the ways I've add some color to it has been with the ship data cards. Mine are a little fancier and larger than what are supplied with the game (most of mine are double sided), but I like the colors and theme. I've also provided black & white and low graphic versions to save on ink. 

The LCAR forms are in the style of the computer screens seen on Star Trek and work with the core Colonial Battlefeet rules; while the DRADID forms are from Battlestar Galactica and are to use with Colonial Battlefleet:Man VS Machine.

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