Monday, October 29, 2012

Strategy Camp 2012

This past July, I spent a week at Camp Wanake (a United Methodist Church camp near Canton, OH), as the director/counselor for a summer camp program know as Strategy Camp. A full decription of the camp and what happened can be found in my article, What I Did With My Summer Vacation in Knights of the Dinner Table #191.

Basically Startegy Camp is a week long camp for junior and senior high youth. It uses the small group style of camping; a family group of 4 to 8 campers, and one to two counselors, who live in a cabin, eat in the dinning hall, and do all their activities together. During the day we hiked, swam, had Bible study, cooked out some meal, did crafts, a other summer camp activities. From 7PM until around 1AM we played games. That's what made it Strategy Camp.

I was lucky to have five junior high age boys register for the camp. For a new event with age group this number was a good start. Often camps for jr and sr high schoolers are canceled do to lack of interest. I was doubly lucking in the maturity and intelligence of the boys. A camp like this was bound to attract smart kids, but this group was exceptional. They were also very polite and friendly which made playing games with them a lot of fun.

A quick look at the weeks schedule:
Sunday: Arrive at camp. Move into cabins. Group solves gaming knowledge quiz; the answers make gps coordinates for the Geocaching challenge to find their Home-In-the-Woods (the group's area for cookouts, Bible study and other outdoor activities.) Evening games - beginning with A Young Jedi's Guide to Gaming (a guidebook with Star Wars quotes tied to basic game playing.) Great Dalmuti, No Thanks, Formula De.

Monday: Crafts - chainmail dice bags (an ongoing craft for the week), pool party, supper cookout, vespers. Evening games - Cloud 9, TransAmerica, Nuclear Risk.

Tuesday: Crafts - painting miniatures, and chainmail, swim time. Evening games and pizza party - Bosworth, Say Anything, Qwirkle, Roborally, Pandemic.

Wednesday: Breakfast cookout, crafts - making terrain, chainmail, and painting minis. Evening games - Axis & Allies.
Thursday: Sleep in and continental breakfast, swim, crafts and challenge course, supper cookout. Evening games - Dragon Delta, Ivanhoe, Lord of the Rings, Munchkin.

Friday: Clean up cabin, finish crafts, parents program. Go home.

All in all a tiring, but fun week. 

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