Friday, November 23, 2012

Strike Legion Accessory Pack

Battlefield Condition Markers
One of the my favorite parts of gaming is adding extras to a game. Not usually rules, but features that make the game easier to play, or more visually appealing.

I have been playing Strike Legion by Legionnaire Games for the past several years. It has a good solid set of rules for ground combat in a scale that I enjoy. Plus it has plenty of optional rules to customize it to your hearts content.

As you can see in my previous post I play it on a 2D+ battlefield. I have also add a number of extras to my game.

Electronic Warfare Record

One of the first additions I made were the battlefield condition markers. The game does come with these, but they are simply chits that you cut out and place next to a unit. I found these difficult to pick up so I made ones that I could slide into plastic game bases.

The electronic warfare chits can also be awkward to use. I made a sheet of cards that are designed to be printed out on the backside of the unit cards before you cut them out. Now I just record the values of DEW/OEW rather than moving chits around the battlefield with each units. I still place the chits next to the units at times; usually after it has moved and just the defensive number.

To-Hit Wheel

The To-Hit wheel has been a real help. Simply set the dial to the vehicle's signature, increase the number by the targets defensive number and modifiers, and decrease the number by the attacker's offensive number. The window then shows the to-hit numbers needed for different weapon ranges. It is designed to max out.

The Tactical Nuke marker is just for fun. Yes you can purchase acrylic ones, but this looks just as cool on the board and is a lot cheaper.

Tactical Nuke
The action cards are just a quick reference for new players to help them remember their choice of actions.

The file containing all of these can be found here.

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