Friday, April 12, 2013

Star Fleet Battle Manual 3rd Edition Progress

For the many of you who have contacted me  with your enthusiasm for this project here is an update.

The good news is that the graphics, rule changes (mostly the Romulans and Tholians), and layout have been going well. Color pictures and rule explanations are being used throughout - oh the joys of PDF's.

The bad news is Lou has forgotten our discussions and plans that we worked on. He is back to having an almost paralyzing fear of the Internet and pirating. So he is doesn't want to put the new (or old for that matter) edition up on RPGNOW.

What I do have is permission (in writing no less) is to have a small print run made of the new edition and to sell them at any event I demo Star Fleet Battle Manual. This will not be happening.

While this would have been a dream-come-true 30 plus years ago to a young Star Trek fan and gamer it is not something I am interested in doing now. The purpose of this project was to update a much loved game and to get it out to a new generation of gamers - and to help Lou make some money off of his work that is being pirated anyway.

So for right now the new edition is on hold. For those of you who see Lou at conventions this summer, let him know that you'd like to see the game become available - and try to make him understand how internet pirating works.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Star Fleet Battle Manual 3rd Edition Record Sheets

Well progress on Lou Zocchi's 3rd Edition of Star Fleet Battle Manual is slowly happening. I've gotten a lot done on the extras for the game; ship compass cards, markers like the new plasma bolt and nuclear devices, and the Tholian webbing template. The updating of the rules is going well also - lots of work on the alien races, especially the Romulans. The ship record sheets are what I am most happy with. With all the years of playing, feed back from players at conventions, and Lou's latest inputs, I think they are almost finished.