Friday, February 8, 2013

Liftoff! Event Cards

I have finally gotten around to putting the Event Cards from my deluxe version of Liftoff! in a form I can share - without being too large of a file. They have been reduced in size and resolution from what I used to have them professionally printed (on linen stock), but they should be fine for getting ideas of your own version. And a word of note - I am not a graphic artist.

I was a little hesitant about posting these, but I realized that unless you own the game they are of no use to you. But if you have a copy then feel free to use these instead of the basic ones that are in the game. Hopefully we will see a new version published someday.

I had fun finding image that I thought matched the event. I tried to stay with in the time period of the game, but it wasn't always possible. Most are serious images, but some were include just for fun.

The cards on the first eight pages are events that are actually in the original game, and the correct numbers of cards. Page nine are optional cards by John Seaman that can be found on Board Game Geek. The last three pages are optional cards that I created. Many of these actually change the rules of the game by working as interrupts. Some of them can be held in your hand and played latter in the game. We've found that they actually add a nice element to play. Use them if you wish.

The cards can be found here. Hope you like them.

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