Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Savage Worlds Playing Aids

For those of you who read this blog, visit my website, or play my games at conventions; you have probably noticed my fondness for the Savage Worlds system. Over the past six years or so this has become my favorite role playing system; whether it is pulp, fantasy, or horror.

Here are two playing aids that I have used at my game table for the past several years. A set of character information cards for Game Masters to use. These keep important data handy and easy to see so that I don't have to keep asking my players for it. They are modeled after the ones used for HackMaster. I liked the look and modified them for Savage Worlds. I have them for general Savage Worlds usage, Deadlands, Rippers, and Realms of Cthuthlu, and NPC's/Monsters.

The second aid is a character advancement record. In the past my players have often forgotten when and what advancements they have taken as their characters increase in experience - particularly attribute advancements. So now I have them record their changes on these forms and return them to me. They've been a big help.


Hope you can use these.

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