Friday, August 14, 2015

Victory In the Pacific Redo Update

One of the goals I set for myself this year was not to buy any new games (that doesn't count expansions to any of the games that I already own), and to finish working on many of my current game projects. So far I've managed to keep to that promise. Of course not being able to attend Origins or GenCon this year really helped.

Finally finishing my deluxe version of Victory In the Pacific was one of my projects. Yes, I had the counters, Order of Battle cards, and the map mostly to the point that I was happy with them, but not quite. After playing it many times I felt that my deluxe map needed tweaking. The fleet sections just weren't being used enough to justify the space; and while the battle board was a nice idea it took up too much space on the table and the location of the ports and bases was awkward for play. So I removed the fleet spaces from the main board, and replaced them with areas for the ports and bases. The battle board I replaced with a felt covered MDF board with stenciling - works great for play and dice rolling. 

I had the final board printed in one sheet and laminated, got a larger storage box for all the counters, and made a custom box. 

I think it look great.

So one game project finished. 

The redone game board is here.

You can find the files for the counters, information cards, and the original board and battle board here:
Original Board
Counters & Extras

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Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful map. Great job!