Saturday, December 17, 2016

Deluxe Avalon Hill's Midway

While I may not have been doing a lot of gaming this past year, I was keeping busy. I had a number of game related projects to keep me busy during last winter through early spring. One was to reduce my huge collection of games to a more manageable size; between giving games to family and friends, donating and selling, I am down to about a quarter of what it was last January. Another goal was to refrain from purchasing any new games with the exception of expansions to games I really enjoy and already own (not an easy goal, but one I was able accomplish in-spite of attending Origins.) Finally I looked at the games I really love and chose ones I thought needed a make-over like I had previously done with Victory In the Pacific, and Liftoff!.

One of the games that fell into this category was Avalon Hill's classic Midway. When I start redoing a game I try to keep the enlarged board to the same size as my other redone games. That way they fit on my game table and I can use the Plexiglas sheets I already have. So the battle board is 24" X 48". The spaces on the board were made so that I could use Topside Minis wonderful full color wooden ship counters.The only problem is that two of the ships for the Japanese force weren't part of their ship collection, but after contacting them about the project Topside quickly produced them for me.

The search boards are 11" X 17" and laminated. The spaces are 1/2" inch squares - much like the original game. Rather than have counters the same size as the originals with the difficulty of reading them and picking them up on the board, I went with 1/2" cubes for tasks forces. So now instead of placing a stack on ships on a square of the search board, they are grouped by task forces - only one counter is moved. Shielding each search board is a task force board. 

The tasks force boards are metal sheeting covered with laminated artwork. A number of task force boxes and handy game tables are on them. Wooden counter with magnets on the back represent each ship in the game. The metal sheets are mounted on wood with removable legs for storage.

For the aircraft I made cards for each aircraft carrier (again laminated). The aircraft markers are 1" wooden squares. Easy to move around the ship cards to show their ready conditions, and then placed on the battle board for combat.

In addition I made a pad of record sheets, a storage box for counters, reprinted the rules, and made a custom game box.

Here are the links to the files so you can create your own deluxe version:

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