Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Space Race / Apollo Themed Game Collection

With all the excitement and celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of the moon landing I thought that I would share my collection of games related to the event. It is certainly not the largest or most comprehensive collection of games on this subject, but it is one I have been building since 1970. 

The newest game that I've added is Tranquility Base and its expansion Soviet Moon which arrived yesterday. This is a reprinting/update of Moonshot. The oldest game is Moon Flight which I received as a Christmas present in 1970. It was published by Avon, and the shampoo bottle became the die launcher.

My favorites are LiftOff! (my deluxe edition), and Leaving Earth.

There are others on my wish list that I hope to acquire when they are published or can track them down.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Deluxe AH Midway Files

Lately I have received several request for the graphic files for my deluxe version of Avalon Hill's Midway. 

So here are the links: 
Japanese Search Board
Japanese Aircraft
Japanese Screen
US Search Board
US Aircraft
US Screen
Midway Battleboard

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Apollo 11: The 50th Anniversary of Man's Moon Landing - My display at our local library

Several months ago I approached my local library to see if any of the departments would like to borrow some of my space history items for the upcoming anniversary of Apollo 11. Rather than borrow a few things they offered me the entire art exhibit hall for the month of July. While I have a large number of space related materials I do not have enough to fill 50 feet of display cases; so I agreed to use one of the small and medium spaces.

I spent the month of June finishing a few items that I have been postponing for a number of years and working on layout design and signage. Luckily over the years my daughter has given me some good ideas about museum displays, and the Smithsonian Institute has wonderful resources on the best way to do signage and labels for display cabinets.

My wife and I took most of the morning of July 1, transporting the the items and setting up the displays. Luckily it was a sunny day so I didn't need to worry about rain damaging the paper models. I think it turned out well and the library is so pleased with it they have asked me to keep it out through August.

Hopefully they will spark some interest in Apollo and the future of space travel among the people that view it; especially the kids that are attending the summer reading events in the rooms beside the displays. If I am lucky these will also result in opportunities this fall to speak to local schools, and scout groups; and possibly bring in some new cadets to the local Civil Air Patrol squadron.