Sunday, March 15, 2020

Crimson Skies RPG Using Warbirds

Image result for crimson skies logoCrimson Skies has long been one of my favorite game settings, as you can see by looking over many of my posts. The pulp aviation theme has always intrigued me, and while it has a slight role playing element it is not a true RPG. Recently I cam across Warbirds RPG by Outrider Studios. While the setting does not interest me the mechanics look like they have real potential for a Crimson Skies RPG. 

For the last 12 years I have been using Savage Worlds, and while both my players and I really love the system I think it might be time for a change. So I have been working on a conversion for Crimson Skies to Warbirds. The Warbirds' game mechanics don't look like they will need changed, but I really want to use the Crimson Skies aircraft. To keep the feel of that universe I have developed a set of conversion rules; these produce really different aircraft than the ones found in the Warbirds rules - hopefully they will work.

What I have so far seem to work in the limited solo tests that I have run. Over the next several months I will probably need to tweak  them, but the new campaign doesn't start until September so I should have time.

Here are the basic conversions, the core set of aircraft stats, and tow of the aircraft record sheets.
Crimson Skies to Warbirds Conversion.

Crimson Skies Aircraft Stats

Raven Record sheet

Fury Record sheet

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